The Rose Center

In March of 2017 Central Iowa Recovery collaborated with the CICS Region to establish The Rose Center in Boone, Iowa. CIR assumed fiscal management of this new concept in Peer run drop-in centers. Although CIR manages clinical and financial oversight, The Rose Center is completely staffed and operated by Peers, or people with lived experience.  

The Rose CenterThe Rose Center presents a daily curriculum of various group learning activities to assist individuals in developing self-help methods to improve daily life while living with a mental illness. Activities range from yoga and meditation to guitar lessons and cooking classes.

The Rose Center has a unique design offering an open area for social interactions such as playing pool, a social group seating area, a coffee bar and movie viewing area with a popcorn machine, while still providing private areas for music and art classes, a mediation area and even an area for one-on-one engagement. No matter what an individual is interested in, The Rose Center will attempt to offer it and individuals are invited to join The Rose Center Advisory Committee to present ideas on new projects.

The Rose Center also has a “store-front” window utilized by participants to present various artistic displays to the community following the seasons and holidays of the year. This ever-changing display is certainly worth driving by for a view!

Participants are encouraged to “drop in” at The Rose Center, which is open 7 days a week. This great resource to the community of Boone offers the opportunity for individuals to decrease isolation and connect with others socially and to experience learning options to improve mental health, all the while connecting with the community as a whole.

Participation in The Rose Center is completely free of charge and we would like to personally invite everyone to stop in to 920 6th Street in Boone and see what The Rose Center has to offer!

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